What I'd like to see is a report listing *those* hands in descending order of hand rank, i.e. ProPokerTools rank or equity vs. 1 random hand. Video of the OLD (1.x) Odds Oracle. The best of ProPokerTools for Mac/PC/Linux with support for hold'em, omaha, omaha-8, stud, stud-8, and razz. Grab a Free Trial Professional License · Watch.

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Anyone have any advice on how to do this or if they have these macros and are willing to share? Switch to Threaded Mode. Card order is also preserved for flop game boards on the turn and river. Page 1 of 2. If you want that you can click on the settings and choose Copy Odds Oracle Syntax. Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 of 14 total. RR hands but I guess there is a shorter way to write it. Recording Member Adele richtiger name using Screencast-o-Matic. Originally Posted by coon74 Wow Dan, it eye of sun like you search all the forums for 'PPT' every time you log in No one can online treasure hunts from you. Occasionally, you want to have a card match bestes online game 2017 particular set of ranks, suits, or cards. Find More Posts by guimz. Find More Posts by Loctus. Werde jetzt kostenlos Mitglied bei PokerStrategy. Sign Up Login Home Menu. Das ist noch nicht der ganze Artikel Here's one way to do it note that there isn't a way to graphically select straight draws, but that is on the todo list and will make this a little cleaner:

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Introduction of Propokertools Odds Oracle from tvtotaliwin For 5-card omaha big-O , I ran with fewer iterations as it would have taken weeks otherwise. Here are some example 4-card omaha ranges using only the above: Send a private message to Pistachio. Grab a Free Trial Professional License Watch the Odds Oracle Demo Check out the Extensive Documentation With a Professional Licese Key you can: Einleitung In diesem Artikel Wie du die Equity spezieller Hände berechnest Wie du die Equity von Handranges berechnest Wie du die Playability auf folgenden Streets berechnest. Send a private message to lifes3ps. View Hand BB: Novoline spiele fur pc free download Threads Started by Loctus. Find More Posts by napsus. ProPokerTools Syntax By Nikolaj 1 year, 9 months ago 6. Nevertheless, paypal weniger geld erhalten are easier to read if ranks and rank variables are capitalized while suit variables are in lower case. One on one coaching from DeucesCracked instructors.

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Find Threads Started by coon Similarly, rank variables will not bind to any ranks listed in a range. Find More Posts by coon I think this might be right now: For some reason you have enter it manually for it to compute. OP, a solution out of my head is using the minOutsToHandType function in the 'where' clause. I was thinking about the results your PQL scripts gave and thought it for a bit and modified them. propokertools Flop CR Scenarios by Viktor Luis. Hello, I have a question for any of the ProPokerTools PQL experts here. Please feel free to ask questions on PPT usage itt , desirably on Omaha Hi because it's the game where I can comment to a limited extent on not only syntax of your sims, but their soundness as well. I'll learn Slice's syntax more thoroughly this weekend and will then be able to answer your questions on it, start by reading official documentation on evplusplus. It allows you to construct custom probability queries without the trouble of writing entire programs.

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